FAQ & Policies

Can I Open Chargeback After Buying ?
NO, Opining Chargeback will get you Banned from using any of our product in future , you can contact us anytime to solve your problem .

Can i share my Key/account with Someone else of my Friends ?
NO , if you shared it your key/account will be banned
from the system and there will be no Refund in
this case , it’s locked to your hwid

Can someone Crack this tool and leak it for free ?
No , This tool has built in Protection process
we trying to make your money are safe but it’s not impossible


Can I pause my Key for Weekend or specific period ?
No , Your Key Start Counting once you Login with it for First Time
And Can’t be Paused or Stopped under any condition.


Can i Change my Windows After using your Tools ?
Yes , After Changing your Windows Contact us and
Request a HWID Reset , and you will be able access again


What Are Available Payment Methods ?
We Accept Paypal , Cryptocurrency , Western Union
Some Time we Disable Paypal for Account Problem/Limitation etc

is The Activation and Receiving my Code instant ?
if you bought while in stock you will get it instant
if not so you will just contact me to provide you a key